Sunday, March 21, 2010

I-90 Commuter

I was cleaning out some pic files tonight and found this one that I never got around to posting about. Sorry about the quality - best I can do with a krappy iphone cam in one hand and a steering wheel in the other - lucky it's even this good. (Click for big, which might help slightly).

I took it last fall and to be honest, I'm not actually sure he's commuting. He's definitely not packing much extra gear. But I've passed him on multiple ocassions on my commute from the valley into spo after work, and since we're all commuting at that time of day, I assume he is to. Could be wrong, maybe he just figured out it's the best time to get his adrenaline fix.

I've seen him (going westbound) between the Pines and Argonne exits and pretty sure I've seen him between Evergreen and Pines. That means he has to negotiate crossing on/off ramps while he is going straight at 17-20 mph and cars are getting on/off at 60-70. One day I exited at Argonne ahead of him so that I could see how he handles these screaming, life-threateningly hazardous situations, but I was so busy figuring out where to point my motor vehicle in the fray that I lost track of the guy on the bike on the freeway. If/when I see him again, I'm gonna just pull off the shoulder on the off-ramp and watch the show.

He's obviously decided that there's some advantage to taking the interstate versus surface streets. Sure would like to know his story. Story aside, though, they should clone his testicles.


Mike Sirott said...

Well I can see several advantages to I-90: Wide open pavement in relatively good shape, no traffic lights, good lighting at night, and direct east-west routing. Now if we could only get rid of all those cars out there we'd have ourselves a good bike route.

FBC Spokane said...

To have them cloned might not help. Not many people can heft that much brass.

lazyeye said...

I've seen him a few times too and wondered why, if he's commuting east-west, he isn't on the centennial trail.