Monday, June 11, 2012

The Packing Has Begun

In earnest.

 The three phases of packing, for me, are:

1. Throw everything you think you "might need" into a pile.
2. Narrow the pile down to something halfway reasonable.
3. Bargain with yourself over the reasonable pile, which isn't even close to reasonable.

#1 might seem easy but it's really hard, because by the time you get done, you look at the huge pile of shit you have assembled and your brain just hurts.

#2 is a sensible process sandwiched in between two others that are hurtful.

#3 is the meanest. It's where you have to predict what you can and cannot live without. This can literally go on for days, if you have given yourself this kind of time to spare.

Case in point is Nuun. It literally saved my life and I won't leave home without it ever again. I've amassed a small tablet arsenal, weighted flavor-wise heavily toward the cola end of the spectrum. There's no need to carry a hundred tabs, but there's no reason to deny yourself a bit of satisfaction in the middle of nowhere, either. I guess you can see the difficult kind of decisions I am facing.

In other news, Patty and I trekked to Seattle this weekend (by car) for some family celebrations. On the way back of course, I made us stop and look at some JWPT stuff. The big tunnel is open, for sure.

In other, other news, one of the family gatherings we attended was on the Edmonds shoreline. During which an incredible sunset ensued. The following were shot with the amazing iPhone cam. Crazy little bastard that it is.

In other, other, other news, we got back home and among the stuff we started doing was laundry. I ran my wallet through, by accident. If you can help it, don't do this.


Anonymous said...

Free tip: Laundering cash may be a felony.

Have a good adventure.

DerrickP said...

I can't remember... you posting at all while on the trail?

Ward said...

In the words of Colin Chapman, everything must serve more than 1 purpose.

Andy D. (aka Big Dummy Daddy) said...

At your expense, I am comforted to witness another packing agonist. I have constructed spreadsheets of packing plans for potential trips of different types, with each item sorted, categorized and ranked by perceived necessity.

Marty McFly said...

Speaking of cutting-edge money laundering technology, Colin Chapman was definitely a champ at repurposing British pounds.

Ya got gullwings on that fat bike, by chance?

Seriously though, ol' Colin would have declared Slime a stroke of multi-tasking genius.

Slime not only serves to remedy punctures, but also doubles as a refreshing sports drink packed with electrolytes. Not to mention Slime's synergistic roles as both an effective spermicidal lubricant AND permanent skin dye.

Slime: The liquid Leatherman.

Patrick Sullivan said...

I'm gonna try the Nuun tablets this summer. Have an awesome trip!

Vik Banerjee said...

One of the hardest things to do when it comes to touring is avoid carrying a ton of stuff.

The best thing I ever read about the subject was the statement "...we pack our insecurities with us when we travel..."

I try to remember that every time I load up my bike.

safe riding,

Vik said...
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Blogger said...

You might be qualified to get a Apple iPhone 7.