Sunday, October 12, 2008

Stranded In The Bikeless Desert

Nothing bikey's going on . . . 24/7 house stuff lately. It's how it has to be, but it's mighty hot and I sure could use a drink.

I've decided that 26InchSlicks will remain bike-specific (mostly). The house project now has it's own blog, which is a photo blog, because time for more writing just ain't comin' my way anytime soon. I don't plan to do much cross-posting, 'cause that's kinda tacky. That said, something major-significant happened about a week ago. Here's the story.

Good news is, I'm pretty sure some bike stuff is going down this week. I've been mapping out my winter strategy for literally several months and the hardware should finally be in my hands this week. NDBS is doing the build. I'm goofing around with the minor, fun ancillary stuff in my . . . umm . . . spare time. I'm excited with my small, but deliberate pile of goods:

Yep, 29er fenders. Good eye.

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