Monday, July 26, 2010

It's Warm, So Let's Be Careful Out There

Super-hot days like we're having now command respect. I'm not talking about hydration. If you don't know about drinking water when it's hot I have no chance of saving you.

But gentlemen, what you may not know is that schweaty balls can nulify your ride. This guy I know was riding with this other guy and the chafing got so bad that he had to call his wife to pick him up. He was wearing cotton tighty-whities, so he's a dumbass, but still. It could happen to you.

Maybe the ladies have similar warm-weather hazards. I don't know. Patty and I don't talk on that level.

On purpose, I'm not posting any pictures. Just think about the words and take care of yourself during this hot spell.


Traditional Bike Club Curmudgeon said...

Just got back from the FBC ride and, being a spandex-most-of-the-time-guy, I am feeling the effects of jockeys and street shorts even though I only rode a woppin' 9.5 miles.

I'm pretty certain I have sweated away the Mannys, the Kokanee and the Black Butte Porter, so I'm going to go check out the fridge.

Hank said...

Schweddy Balls!

Suffer patiently through the commercial. Go forward to the two minute mark. Then close your eyes and listen.

Andre said...

Looks like I bought out the last of the "L", I don't know who got the "XL" but these have been key to hot weather riding for me.
I initially bough 2 pair from Sierra Trading Post and liked them so much I bought 2 more when i noticed them at REI outlet.

I suppose they might be like those 'adimos' or whatever Riv sells. Super thin chamois. The other typical cheap bike shorts I own typically retain too much and leave me chaffed to bits as well.

Now if only there was a solution for my Schweddy Ball head too.

Pat S said...

Curmudgeon, the major thing I'm taking from your comment was that you like to drink through the pain. I'm honored to know you.

Hank, thanks, great stuff. I watched that clip first thing this morning and it pretty much made my whole day.

Andre, you're recommending shorts that are no longer available? Can I borrow a pair of yours to try? On second thought, I take that back. I imagine that they rule.

Mike Sirott said...

Would you like to try my schweddy balls?

EvilElf said...

Kilt up after the ride. Let your balls air out. Heck, kilt up during the ride. And before, for that matter.

That is all.