Sunday, August 8, 2010

365 Days

That's how long the Midnight Century has owned me. Also how long I've been waiting, hoping, to be able to post that I own the MC.

Now I'm posting. I own it now.

9:15 Finish

9:15? Whatever. Finish? The most beautiful word in our language, and all the reason I need to start drinking before noon on the best Sunday ever.

Full report to follow, after I wake up on about Wednesday.


Alan said...

Congrats! Now that you finished it, I hear that they name a corner after you.

That route was ridiculously hard! I would have been so unquestionably lost had it not been for Tom pre-riding the course and memorizing it.

And speaking of Tom, if he ever says, "It'll be fun!" be afraid. And if he says, "This next climb is gonna be pretty tough," expect to summit something akin to Mount Everest.

joe said...

Glad you made it, thanks for riding with us!

Jason Gilman said...

Way to go Pat! I rolled in at 8:24 this morning and I was so spent at that point that it took me almost an hour to get back home from there (as opposed to the normal half hour or so). It's definitely going to be a few days until I feel anything like my usual biking self again!

theShrike said...

Great job to everyone. I rolled up to the elk at 7:40. The rain helped, no mechanical mishaps for me, just 7 hours and 40 minutes of riding by myself.

Pat S said...

Good job, Alan. I knew that you'd nail it, but also glad to hear that you don't think it was a cakewalk. I know what you mean about Tom. ;-)

Always great riding with you, Joe. Hope we can do it again soon.

Damn Jason, you rock!

Shrike, that's fast. Especially solo. Interesting to hear you say the rain helped. In some ways yes - kept the dust down, improved traction and in other ways no - muck all over everything and no evaporation.