Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bag Sag, What A Drag

The Ostrich bag/rack combo has been okay but not perfect. The rack design isn't all that great and starting with the last CDANF trip, the bottom of the bag sagged and dragged on the front tire when it had a shitload of krap inside. Luckily, there was a leather patch on the bottom, so the tire didn't mess up the canvas.

When it happened again on the MC, I'd had enough. You just can't go through life sitting on razor's edge, hoping your handlebar bag isn't going to rub on your front tire on this particular day. I hate having to get all agressive, but when you're getting pushed around, sometimes you need to push back.

No more sag
No more drag,
Maybe I should
Tap a keg

Or hop around
On just one leg,
Maybe change my
Name to Greg

Hit a downtown
bar and brag?
Or just stay home
and fry an egg?

This should get me
off the rag,
Once again I
like my bag

Most of you already get it, but for those that are a little slow, the "ag" thing obviously totally unleashes the potential of a talented poet such as myself.


Big Dummy Daddy said...

You're filling a vital and heretofore vacant niche. The bike world absolutely needs a poetic rack builder.

Alan said...

The most recent post left me speechless. Please cancel my subscription. :-)