Monday, June 23, 2008


With no more than a few carefully-chosen words, John has planted this insidious little seed in my head that I need new cross-bike tires. The only reason I'm pissed is because he's right and I'm gonna have to put off badly-needed new socks and eat rice again this week. Shit, there goes my allowance.


John Speare said...

The 28s or 30's I was referring to are not cross tires... I love riding on cross tires for trail riding, but it gets really old on road riding. I think 30mm Panaracer Pasalas (not the tour guard!) are about the perfect all round tire. And cheap: about $18 from the LBS and periodically they go for around $12 at gnashbar. They are supple-walled, minimal tread great all round tires.
On my "road bike" I run 28mm Ruffy Tuffy's (made by Panaracer for Rivendell). They are good for light trail riding and lots of dirt/gravel/logging roads.
Try the Panaracer Pasalas and eat a steak and buy new socks!

Pat S said...

Thanks for the good info, John. I'm gonna check out the Pasalas. Also I just googled them and stumbled across one of your old posts with lots of good stuff: