Thursday, June 19, 2008

Too Sad to Ride

Today I lost my bestest canine pal, Jasmine. I could care less about riding a bike at this moment.

She was 14-1/2. My daughter grew up with her. We have a boatload of great memories with this dog.

This morning, I picked all 80 lbs of her up and lovingly carried her out of the house when I got up (she could no longer stand or walk) and then carried her back in before I left for work. I got two heart-wrencing, sobbing calls from my daughter, who is now a young adult and out on her own. The first was because she was so upset when she got our message saying that Jasmine probably didn't have long to live and the second was when she came by to check on Jasmine, and called to say that she thought Jasmine had passed away.

When I got home, Jasmine was lying where I had left her, and she was gone. I cried so hard. I knew that she was fading, but I thought we had another day or two. I wish I could have said goodbye the right way, but I know that she knew that we loved her. And there was no doubt that she loved us. I'm comforted in the knowledge that she had about as good a life as a dog can have. We took care of her and she took care of us.

I'm qualified to say that losing a pet is nothing like losing a person that's close to you. But at the same time, it's not insignificant, either, and it hurts like hell. Dogs have such great loyalty and such great spirit. She was 100% devoted to her fam.

Jasmine, aka "The Jazz", aka "Jazzy G", aka "Home Dog".

Sleep tight, sweet girl. We'll remember you always.

Your people.

P.S. Brandy misses you and hopes she can fill your paws.

P.S.S . You rock at frisbee and ball and swimming.

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