Sunday, June 15, 2008

Now That's What I'm Talk'n 'Bout!

Was the riding this weekend great, or what?

Honestly, I was all jet-lag messed up on Saturday and didn't ride (except down to The Scoop, for some jet lag recovery serum), but Patty and I got out for 20-ish today. My Father's Day ride. We have way too much krap and we made a deal for these kinds of holidays: No more gifts, only shared events. And when I get to make the call, like today, it always involves a ride. And a food & beer stop, of course. We always have the best time.

I know I haven't ridden for a week and that has something to do with it but man, that bike felt so sweet under me today - like I ruled this city! The weather was as perfect as riding weather gets. But what frosted my cake was the construction zones.

First, we hit this totally unexpected surprise on Country Homes Boulevard: A total road closure that detoured traffic . . . I live for this shit!!!

It was only a short section, but we lived large . . . we actually back-tracked and did it twice! The entire southbound lane, the culvert, we owned it all!

As it turns out, that was childs play, compared to what we found on the way home. We deliberately took Wall Street on the way back, because it's been under construction, and it was certain that there would be some adventure to be had. What we discovered was beyond our expectations. Check this out - impediments to traffic . . .

And smooth-as-silk sailing for cyclists . . .

Hmmm. Isn't this the definition of a bicycle boulevard???

From Francis to Wellesley, we had the ride of our lives. You should check it out, while you can.

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