Monday, November 3, 2008

Mounted Snows

The weather this fall has been nothing short of awesome, but all good things must end and the writing's pretty much on the wall now.

I've been reluctant to pull the Paselas off because cornering is just so damn much fun on this bike, but one of the things it has to be able to do is go off-pavement and with all kinds of mud and yuck in our near future, I'll be needing a little more traction. The winter tire I picked out is the WTB Vulpine 29er. I'm hoping it's the just-right combination of fast (because I need range) and sticky (because I need to stay upright!). The sidewall says 35-65 psi, but they're a tight fit on the rims and I had to pump them up to about 75 just to get them to seat. I'll start off running them at 40 and see how they feel. I think they look pretty good on the monkey.

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Jacque Hendrix said...

So they're snow tires but studless? I look forward to hearing how they'll work.