Wednesday, November 12, 2008

You Goin' ?

Dunno. You goin' ? Not sure. We have lots of time. We'll decide later. And so it went.
Here's the story: When I got home from work tonight, I found out that Jacque and I were thinking about the same thing. We had never once talked about it. She heard about it from her friend Aaron. I knew about it from Spokane bike blogosphere. She saw me fiddling with my bike, as usual, and asked me if I was going for a ride tonight. "Not sure." As we talked, it became apparent that we were both thinking about the same thing - the Fiasco. We himmed and hawed some more. I finally threw down and she enthusiastically accepted. At ten after eight, we were on the road, destined to be fashionably late.
As fate would have it, we pulled up behind Aaron, Melanie and Eric on our way down the hill and rode on to the Swamp together.

There is nothing that you own that comes anywhere close to being as cool as Melanie's boots.

It was great to run into Scott and Brenda and their friends at the Swamp. Scott built my Karate Monkey. I got so busy yapping that I forgot to take a picture. After much beer and super-salty popcorn, we headed out, en route to the Globe. It's always fun riding downtown, but super way more funner when you're riding with bike friends.
At the Globe, I got to meet the man who hatched this grand plan, along with my old friend and veteran fixie rider Hank. Jacque mentioned that it was so cute to see us nerdy bloggers getting together. I'm deciding here and now to take that as a compliment and just move on.
It was fun to hear the stories about the modest early days of this ride and then see the evidence of the Spokane bike event that it has become.

We ran into Joe on the way out and got a chance to chat, which was great. Then Jacque headed off to the Baby Bar because she's young and hip and full of energy. I headed home because I'm a Bar Baby who needs sleep. I'll have to peel myself off the mattress in the morning, but it was well worth it.


Schrauf said...

Fun time. That's me in the background of the picture with Hank, wearing the skullcap.

And yeah, those are sweet boots...

Hope to chat with you next time!

Jacque Hendrix said...

Dang! Only the 2nd one I've missed and you were there. Crazy fire department. I can't believe I put saving lives over a fiasco ride. Hope to see you next month.

FBC Spokane said...

It's obvious I'm better on the other side of the camera and that I should always be practicing my bar chords on a beer glass.

Hank said...

Nerdy blogger? I think my feeling is hurt. Can't a man enjoy a mid-life crisis anymore these days? Nerdy blogger indeed.