Sunday, May 2, 2010

Playground In My Backyard

In the history of construction rides, this could be the greatest thing since they tore the hell outta the streets right the eff next to my house in NW spo when I was growing up and dug these massive trenches and me and my buddy Scott Mankin lived like kings on our bmx's.

Bestest way up n down the hill right now or maybe ever is Lincoln. You should expect and enjoy getting a little mud on your tires.

This is pretty much unrelated, but in the epic battle over clipped in vs not, the pendulum is currently at the apex of not. I've come to accept that there is no right answer. And that at some point I will crash while trying to pull up on a platform.


John Speare said...

Lincoln is fun. It would rule to leave one street out of 10 or so, in its "natural" state. What I find weird is how soft some of the patches are on Licoln right now. There's no visual indication b/t "normal" firm surface and the super soft tire-sucking-dramatically-slowing dirt patches.

As for clipped vs platform. I'm with ya. For tooling around, I dig tennis shoes and platforms. But when I go climbing the trails, or if I'm bombing them, I really miss being clipped in.

Rachel said...

I love the pedals I put on my new bike ... platforms on one side, clip-ins on the other.

Today I ended up using both sides during my ride, as I decided I didn't trust my balance versus the severe side winds enough to keep my feet stuck to the pedals like that.

Usually though, it's just a question of if I feel like riding the bike shoes or the Birkenstocks;
I love being able to decide on a whim.

Pat S said...

John, I love the 1-in-10 idea. I know I'm dreaming, but it's a nice dream.

Rachel, those pedals are cool. It's even cooler that you were out riding today. That was serious weather.