Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tube Repair Tip

If you ever need to find a slow leak and you sorta havta pee, you should pee first. Otherwise, you'll soon find that the immersion somehow stimulates your bladder and while you are still looking for the leak, your need to pee will go off-scale. Which sucks. Glad I could help.


Alan said...

That's a good tip, Pat. Here's another one: Don't end a long ride within three blocks of ANY restaurant. All the calories burned riding will be more than replaced with beer, pizza, burritos, and even greasy french fries.

Pat S said...

Copy that, Alan. We're getting into some important stuff. Here's something else: Don't covet your wife's tires - it can only cause you problems. Just be happy with your own.

Mike Sirott said...

Why not just pee on the tube?