Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Emotional Support

All day long you get to listen to your boss and your mortgage company and your wife and everyone else tell you what to do, and of course you especially value what your wife has to say, but at the very, very end of the day, you might get to spend a little time in your shop that is totally yours and which allows you the luxury of listening to your inner voice and making some inconsequential decisions. And if that's too foreign and scary, perhaps you might decide to listen to the voice of one of your imaginary shop friends, who has the option of either validating your state of mind and providing you with courage, or contradicting you and ceasing to be your go-to imaginary friend.

I've been thinking that I should probably build another set of tubing clamp blocks.


John Speare said...

Have you been reading dilbert this week? Those blocks look like the new product Dilbert invented.

Going to SE County Fair in Rockford tomorrow. Leave Scoop at about 9am. Home by 3pm. Aren't you starting to fill a bit under the weather?

Pat S said...

Just checked in on dilbert. Ha! Yeah, totally.

My boss says unless I call in dead, don't call in. Don't try knocking the lead milk bottles over with the feather-filled softball, it's a scam.