Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lake Boot Repair

Gear junkie that I am, I've tried a bunch of (too much) winter cycling gear. Most of it I could take or leave. But there are a few items that do their job so well that I don't wanna be without 'em. One such is my Lake boots. They cost a fortune and there are certainly ways in which they could be improved, but they solve all kinds of problems for me. Barring submergence in a puddle, they keep my feet warm and dry. In gear-intense winter, they're easy to get on and off. And they're comfortable.

One of the problems with them, though, is the Boa lacing system, which is pretty non-robust. One of my laces busted at the end of last winter's riding season (which happened to be freaking June, but I digress), and so there was no real reason to fix today what I could put off 'til tomorrow.

Tomorrow being a coupla weeks ago. Fortunately, Boa has a lifetime guarantee on their lacing systems, and they do a great job of supporting it. You just go to this website, order the right parts for the fix, and a few days later they show up. Free parts, free shipping.

Here's the repair kit. It comes with a boatload of krap including two cables (black and silver) and all the parts, tools, and instructions you need to make the repair. Including the tiny spanner wrench.

In my particular case, the cable had busted.

The repair is not exactly easy as pie. It took me about an hour. First step was to remove the adjustment knob.

Then you can remove the cable spool. See the other end of the busted cable?

Threading the new cable through all the guides in the shoe and then fastening both ends to the spool was, honestly, a bitch.

But the satisfaction is overwhelming.

And now I have nothing to fear but winter itself.


Mike Sirott said...

My Lakes are going into their 10th season and are looking pretty ratty. But every time something has gone wrong with them I've been able to get them fixed at a local shoe place. I've had the soles reglued, and the velcroe re-sewn. I'd say I'm just about due for a new pair. First I plan to really run them into the ground this year.

Justino said...

After Raya pretended, twice in one week, both times the right, that the BOA knob on my Lakes felt deliciously soothing on her teeth, I can safely call myself "initiated" into your club. Yes! Another club!