Monday, November 1, 2010

What's Cookin'?

Last night, Patty came home to find me baking. This almost never happens and she'd have been so delighted if I'd been in the process of creating something edible, but instead I was cooking the water out of a rack. (Just trying to be more efficient.) 'Flipped out' would be way too strong a term, but somewhere between that and "what the hell is that doing in my oven" would be where her reaction touched down.

I'm not quite sure what the big deal is. (By you're reaction, I can tell that you're not quite sure how I've managed to stay married this long. You may have a point.)

I'd like to change the subject now.

My Elephant's been needing a new set of everyday wheels ever since I brought it home. At that particular time, I was all crazy obsessed with some upcoming overnighters and I had Dave at Two Wheel build up some super heavy duty wheels to go camping with. He did an awesome job and they're awesome wheels and they're gonna see lots more duty.

But I also want this fine, fast-ish bike to remain fast-ish for my around-town stuff which is mostly the way I'll use it, so I've known the time was coming for a set of fast-ish, strong-ish wheels, and despite the fact that my 2010 bike budget was long ago blown to hell, it was time to act. They say you can't take it with you and I'm making sure I don't have the option.

My LBS dollars are meager but I do like to spread them around and I asked David at NDBS to build this latest wheelset. There were some problems getting the components and so the process took far longer than either of us anticipated, but today I finally picked them up.

I'm obviously pimping this ride way the hell out and you haven't even seen the worst of it - I dropped the first load of rack-and-fender krap off to get powder coated today. This bike's gonna hurt to look at when it's all done. And I'm not even that kind of guy. Not really sure what's gotten into me.

So if I could change the subject one more time:

Please don't forget to vote. Electing the right people into office is really, really, important. From a bike standpoint, sure, but even moreso from the way bigger picture.


Anonymous said...

I want to vote for a party that promises "a chicken in every pot, and a bike rack in every oven!"

Anonymous said...

Who are using for your powder coater? Wade

Pat S said...

Powdertech, out in Industrial Park.

Anonymous said...

My wife had a similar reaction when I was cooking my thermo-mold ski boot liners in our oven.