Friday, November 5, 2010

Word, Curd, or Turd (Vol. 1)

I always see other people review shit on their bike blogs and then I think hey, there's some shit I'm definitely gonna review. But then I come to realize that it takes a certain amount of initiative to do a proper one and I guess the proof is in the pudding.

But I do have a blog, which entitles and mandates me to tell you what I'm thinking all the time, not like in a twitter way which I could never do, but maybe in a ground-breaking new format that I'm sure a hundred bazillion social networkers have never ever dreamt about in their wildest imagination. I'm calling it Word, Curd, or Turd. Word and turd are pretty self-explanatory. Curd: think cottage cheese. Good enough stuff, but has it ever inspired you.

Let's begin.

Any seatpost or stem with this name on it . . . Word.

This is rack-building minutia (shop cloth, aka emery cloth), but it occupies thousands of hours of my time so I must speak. The blue stuff on top, Turd. The replacement stuff in the box, supposedly made in Germany, WORD.

I like to wear stretchy padded bikey underwear to hold things in place and then wear regularish pants over the top. In that category:

Speedo meets velo. Holy hell. Dorko padding, dorko fabric, dorko cut. Let's round up every last pair and ship them to Europe where they can actually use them. Super turd.

By contrast, heaven on earth:

High-waisted and girdle-ish, lovely pads, comfortable enough fabric to wear all day, super dreamy in every sense. $30-ish. I couldn't wait to get down to REI and buy a second, back-up pair, which I happened to do on the occasion of a sale, at which time they were $22-ish. Word squared.

On the subject of tires, yeah, they're super tough and all, but way too flinstoney for me. Yabba-dabba-doo. Petrified, slow, turd-like.

The Novation dynohub (budget dynohub category) is curd. Works alright, but dopey connector, lots of drag, boring to look at . . .

The Sanyo dynohub OTOH (budget dynohub category) is word, bro. Low drag, sweet lines/finish, rad connector . . .

Lastly, REI Mistral pants. The Schoeller fabric version, which they don't sell anymore, so which is therefore probably contributing to my my opinion by way of nostalgia, but they are word, word, word, word, word.

So with that, Vol 1 is in the books. I think you are starting to get the sense of how popular this new feature could become. Until Vol 2, then. Curd out.


Hank said...

My vision blurred when a little bird told me you slurred your American Gladiator underwear pictured third.

Rachel said...

Wow, glad to see that at least the mens shorts from Canari are worth a damn. I picked up a pair of womens shorts (ok, so a difference is these were exterior wear), and within two blocks of riding in them, I knew they were going RIGHT back to the store. Ouch!

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