Saturday, December 18, 2010

On A Very Sad Note . . .

From the Thursday edition of the SR:

HARDIE, Matthew R. (Age 32) Passed away December 14, 2010

Matt was the bicyclist involved in the horrific collision at 4th and Lincoln in early October.  He was riding down Lincoln on his way to work at the Apple store downtown.  A minivan, eastbound on 4th, had stopped at the stop sign and then proceeded to cross Lincoln in front of Matt.  He had no time to stop and collided with the van.  His injuries were extensive and his brain injuries were particularly devastating.

I didn't know Matt personally.  My understanding of the events as described above are based on information in SR articles here and here, John's blog posts here and here, and some information on the KREM website here.  I don't know anythying about the status of the official accident investigation.

But the accident hit me hard from moment I first heard about it.  I feel like he's "one of our own".  It's been heart-wrenching to follow along with him since the accident on a blog created by his family and friends here.  His sister's care and love and efforts as his advocate have been courageous.  My condolences go out to her and to all his friends and family.  If you're so inclined, you can throw a few dollars their way, using a link on the site.  I'm sure the expenses have been staggering.

Peace, Matt.

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