Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Winter Ramblings

The hot stove league.  That's what they call it when they talk about baseball in the middle of winter.  I'm not sure about the cycling equivalent.  Frozen derailleur drivel or something.

Anyway, I hope you had a good Christmas.  I scored a killer bike tie and handkerchief, courtesy Jacque.  If we're ever hanging out together and you have to blow your nose and you ask if you can borrow my handkerchief, the answer is no.  Hell no, in fact.  I might as well just get that out there now.

I was able to take a coupla extra days off over the holiday, today being my last.  Which enabled us to shift the normal 3-hour shop night to a concentrated 5-hour shop afternoon.  That's John's normal-size regular-duty rack on the left and Ryan's large-size super-duty rack on the right. As you can tell, both are getting close to done. These guys have put a lot of effort into doing things the right way and I'm excited for them to enjoy the great equipment they've crafted.  I love knowing that both these racks will get rode hard and put away wet, as they say.

John's is a mid-fork mount and Ryan's mounts all the way at the dropouts.  John's has a single attachment to the fork crown and Ryan's has two.  Did I mention that Ryan's is super-duty.

As far as any projects of my own, I haven't had much cooking up until now, but I'm just getting started on a Tubus Duo-inspired lowrider design for the Elephant.  It'll be how I carry my commuter crap later this spring.  It's gonna be a tricky little bastard, so I'm glad I've got some time to dink with it.

Other than that, I'm starting to decide that I need a lathe or milling machine or both, so I've begun the process of figuring out how to spend money that I don't have on those.

Lasty, Glen's Maddie-bike design has been taking a beating on the frame-builders list today.  It's pretty comical how some people feel "obligated" to speak up and save Maddie.  Umm, pretty sure she's safe.  And has the standover she needs, to boot.

Have a good new years and stay safe yourself.


Alex Wetmore said...

I think a lathe is more useful in the bike workshop than a milling machine, but both are awesome. I bet Spokane has good used tools that show up on Craigslist. Although I've gotten my best deals from making personal connections with people who are well connected.

I'm sorry that I posted about Maddie's awesome bike to the Framebuilder's list.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to buy a "Save Maddie!" t-shirt when the Framebuilders start selling them.

Seems more likely, though, that this double front-triangle frame, with its short sided tiny triangles, is likely stouter than whatever bike the quoted "Frank" rides. I'd also assume Frank outweighs Maddie.

Maybe we need to sell "Save Frank!" t-shirts.