Monday, December 20, 2010

upon my return

i was out of town all last week on grown-up duty and then the week before I was super busy acting all fake grown-up getting ready for real grown-up duty and so I hadn't been on a bike since the fifth of december and when I got back on friday it was all sunny and the roads were dry and I thought hey I'll take the elephant out and then the sun suddenly went down and I thought oh well I'll do it tomorrow and then in the morning john called and said lets do the bluff and I said ya and then while I was getting ready it started snowing which was fine and then we got to the bottom and john said follow me i know a super easy way up the hill and that was the last i saw of him

and most of the way up I longed for my eternal rest and dragged along the lung that I had hacked out of my body at the start of the climb but at least I didn't get lost for days because I could follow his tracks

and then we got to the top and drank some good coffee with glen at the rocket market and talked about bikes and shit and then later that day I went down to 2 wheel transit because while I was out of town tom mcfadden emailed to ask if I could use a really nice park truing stand and then I broke three fingers typing back yes and I went down there because that's where he left it for me to pick up

but when I walked in the door there was a brand new built up pugsley (sorry i forgot my phone-camera-thing) and it was positioned so that you had to walk around it to get to the counter and dave was pointing out how many rack attachment points it had and the whole thing had divorce written all over it but even so i couldn't quit staring at it so I went home and put a little tiny milk crate on the front of the elephant to take my mind off the pugsley which didn't really help

and then later that day mike invited me to ride along with some SRV guys on their solstice celebration and I ended up way the eff on the northwest side at lonnie's house and after a major boy scout fail there was finally fire

and then I rode home late by myself with a lot of people in cars honking at me who didn't think I should be out riding on an icy night because it was scaring them to have to cross a little tiny ridge of built up snow on the centerline to avoid me but i didn't care even a little and when i got home i passed out but in a good way and all the next day i was fried so it was all about looking at hardware and thinking about riding and finally tonight it was a monday hang downtown

and of course after it was all over i decided to ride up the steepest damn street in town which gets you up the entire south hill in like a block and a half and I don't know the name of it but it goes by the conoco station on third across the street from the restaurant that is something different every other month but I think right now it's a sushi place maybe but anyway this hill dumps you off right on the doorstep of sacred heart which is appropriate and now my quads are wasted and my knees hurt and my lungs are seered and i'm so glad be be back in my town, amidst my people, all re-bike-ified


alan said...

well said.

Mike Sirott said...

Did the run-out gauge come with the Park stand or did Tom add that? Have you got a chance to use it yet?

Pat S said...

Tom added the dial indicator, but it doesn't measure runout. It's for quickly and accurately positioning the uprights for hubs with different OLD's - something that saves a little time if you're a pro. ;-)

I haven't used it yet, planning my first build now.