Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2nd Edition, Vol. II

The first edition was free-form and open ended.  It went 16 weeks or so and it was rad.  But there is only one first of everything.  This second session is about fine-tuning the process.  Eight weeks max, pretty much all business.  Come with a plan and leave with one for next week.  Homework is not out of the question, if it means staying on schedule.  Week one was intro to everything, get your basic design figured out and then braze something and hack it apart. Tonight was more brazing practice, and then a deck had to be built and brazed.  Joe's doing a rear rack for his Karate Monkey.

Eric, an 11 x 14 porteur for his utility horse.

Right on schedule.

You may be getting the impression I'm a heartless, killjoy slave-driver.  No comment.

Luckily Joe does his best to keep it light and fun by bringing along good music, thick coffee that tastes exactly like beer, and a special surprise tonight . . .

In a couple or so days, I should know if Peppermint Patty and Marcie made the right decision. The evidence will have to be convincing, as I'm not sure if anything could actually ever top the Laughing Bunnies.

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