Monday, February 7, 2011

WTB: Road Bike

Patty's younger sister is looking for a road bike. Heather's athletic and very cool. This is so rad. Let me know if you've got, or know of, a bike that might fit the bill.

You can comment here or email to pat[dot]sprute[at]gmail[dot]com

Hey Pat, I am looking to buy a used road bike for me. For my vertically challenged 5 ft 4 frame! So if you could spread the word that would be awesome. I was hoping to spend around or less than $800. Ive been checking out craigs list also and have looked at bikes at REI so far. Im signed up for a sprint tri in Aug and really want to get into road biking. thanks and see ya monday for Patty's bday dinner!

Cheers, Heather


Hank Greer said...

Tell her to check out other bike shops. This time of year you can find last year's model on sale. We found a nice bike for my wife a couple years ago and she's only five feet tall.

John Speare said...

Does this mean Patti is having her birthday dinner at John's Radiator?

Pat S said...

Thanks, Hank.

John, I don't think I'll be getting off quite that easy.