Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I don't FB, but I do have a new BFF. His name is Darrell Holland, and we connect via an ancient technology platform, the DVD. He does this great video training course that I can't afford but found out how to rent, one disc at a time, from a company called Smartflix.

I have some different options as far as learning to use my new lathe, but I'm trying not to bug the hell out of everyone I know with really stupid questions, so I'm relying on Darrell and an old college textbook and a coupla other resources to efficiently get me up to highway speed, and then I'll start bugging the hell out of everyone I know with semi-stupid questions. Actually, I already started that in the toolroom at work today.

Lathe and other general machining shit generally occupies all my free thought-time these days, of which there is precious little. But it's not frustrating or frantic, just fun and relaxed. I'm looking forward to turning things, but in due time. Having a machine tool in house has been a dream for a long time and learning to use it is just super rad, so I'm savoring every step of the process. I can pretty much guarantee that some way fun bikey krap will fall off the end of the cutter at some point. In due time.

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Not said...

Of course, if you mount the work where the tool normally goes, and put an end mill in the chuck, you can do a little milling with it as well. Good fun!
- Ventura