Sunday, August 24, 2008

Anyone Got The Time? What Day is This?

The clock says 7:00 am. I've been bouncing around since a little before 3, wandering aimlessly through internet space, doing laundry, eating leftover Pedro's pizza. I should be making coffee, but I just opened a beer, because that sounds a lot better right now. My body is all goofed up because it thinks we're still in Al Taweelah, and that it's late afternoon, and I'm headed back to the hotel after a day of meetings. I don't know up from down, at the moment.

Amidst all this early morning nonsense, I've been trying to keep my mind off the fact that I should be eating breakfast at The Harvester in Spangle along with some nut jobs that have been out riding since midnight. I really wanted to do this ride. So I got in all jet-lagged and dehydrated, but I figured that as long as I got started, I could find a way to make it through. What's the worst that could happen? (On second thought, let's not go there.) And besides, Jacque's back on the job, so I'm covered in case of emergency.

So I got the bike ready. I've been riding with trashed bar tape for a while, so I put some new stuff on. I added extra water capacity and a tube of Pringles (sometimes you just gotta have something salty). Topped off the tires, checked everything out, pretty much good to go. I don't have a good food plan and I need one, so I guess I'll have to go with the fanny pack. Total dork move, but solves the problem. The calories are in the bag, and I think I'm pretty much ready.

With preparations well in hand, I sat down on the sofa for a minute. Which is exactly where I woke up at 1:15.

Yeah, I'm bummed, but I think it was probably a blessing in disguise. My body wasn't ready for this kind of a ride. So I'm having beer and cold pizza for breakfast instead of a big stack of hotcakes. And I did ride the virtual route on google earth at about 4 this morning, so that's something very special. Next year, though.

Hope you guys had a great adventure.

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Jacque Hendrix said...

I would have been there for you buddy. Though The Ride is way outside of my response area.
Of course you would have had to burst into flames causing something along a 3-alarm response, but I'd have been there for you. (us bicyclists stay together)