Friday, August 22, 2008


As you may or may not know, I travel a bit for work. I'm always hoping to find bike love wherever I go. Not this time, though. United Arab Emirates. I've seen like 2 bikes in the last 5 days, and they were barely moving, because you just don't pedal that fast through bathwater. It's hard to explain how hot and humid it is here.

But I've seen interesting things on my ceiling

and on my floor

And by some amazing stroke of luck, I picked up these mints at the Denver airport on the way over and have been offering them to new friends in the middle east and making an impression wherever I've been. I have no agenda, so the choice is always yours. Maybe the taste test will help you decide how to vote. I do what I can to help.

And so once again, I preserve my sanity by dreaming about the great riding back in the 'Kan. And even though I get back late Saturday, jet-lagged out of my mind, I might reach deep and muster the courage to ride the midnight century later that same evening. Probably not, but you never know. One way or another, I'll see you back on the mean streets of spovegas.


Jacque Hendrix said...

I'll take an Obama mint please.

This post tells my why you didn't answer your door on Friday when I made the Fresh Abundance delivery (the driver is on vacation). I was going to invite you on a ride on Saturday.

Hey! If you started back now you may make it in time.

Oh! Never mind, the salt water would probably rust your chain.

Pat S said...

As you might guess, the McCain mints went over big in the Middle East. They're gone. Lots of Obama mints left, though.

Sorry I missed you on Friday. Great box this week. Lets figure out another day to take that ride.

Anonymous said...

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