Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I Just Made The Lame List

Last time I posted, I promised to fill you in on the details of a phone call I received. The one that compelled me to miss the swap. The guy on the other end of that call was totally cool and unbelievably generous and invited me into his private bike world, complete with radical loaner equipment, and led me on an amazing bike adventure on Sunday. It's not something I can blog-blab about, though. He asked me not to, and I completely understand why. And even before he asked, it wasn't feeling right. Disrespectful and intrusive on some level. So, the story has to die. My apologies.

On a related note, I need to cool my trespassing jets a bit. I've gotten a little carried away, taken it a little too lightly. I need to heed a couple of red flags that have popped up in my face. It is property that belongs to someone else, after all, and there can be consequences. Not that you guys wouldn't enjoy a mobile post from my jail cell. I also had to kill a couple of posts that don't reflect my new, evolved and enlightened vantage point. So I'm walking the straight and narrow path. "I promise, your honor. No more trespass riding." (That you will hear about, anyway ;-)

I know, I know. All together now . . . "LAME!!!!"

Okay then. Moving on . . .

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Jacque Hendrix said...

The phone call ride sounds interesting. I can't imagine why a person wouldn't want a participant to write about it.

Reference your not trespassing anymore - Isn't it amazing what a tomato bath will do? Why, the other day I was thinking of robbing a bank and then building a Saturn-5 rocket in my front yard. Then I took one of those baths and decided it really wasn't a good idea. It also completely slaked my thirst!