Sunday, September 21, 2008

Halfway There

Still desperatly clinging to the idea that I might actually have some time to ride amidst all the construction activity, I finally got done with house stuff and turned to fender installation at 9:30 tonight. Yesterday I was in a panic to track down some fenders for the bike that I now cannot live without - the AuqaVelva. I didn't need NWS to tell me it was gonna rain. I could feel it in my bones. That can only mean one thing . . . I am getting really, really, old.

I interrupted my work and booked over to Wheel Sport South hoping to find something other than the same-old, same-old. I was delighted to find the latest and greatest wide-ass Planet Bike fenders with this new rad mud flap. I [heart] PB.

Fender installation is so unbelievably time consuming. Back is finally on. Front is gonna be a little tricky and is gonna have to wait.

I should probably wear dark pants tomorrow, but at least I won't have a stipe down my back.

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