Sunday, September 21, 2008

Joe Blogger

I got a nice surprise today when I discovered that Joe, a friend from work, has started a blog.

He's a pretty amazing endurance athlete. Last year he did the CdA Ironman and then six days later, the Tour of Pain. This year was the Cascade Cream Puff. I'm hearing rumors of the possibility of Leadville next year.

Within the past year, he took a position within the company that involves a lot of globe-trotting. I know he's scheming on ways to ride abroad. (Wait, that didn't come out right!) Anyway a normal folder would never do, given his need for performance. But I think maybe there's something in his future with S & S Couplings.

Right now he's in Guiyang, China. I was there during the early part of the project. I took a lot of bike pictures. Here's a couple of my favorites . . .

Gives new meaning to the concept of a tough day at work.

LBS. The bikes are so cheap that I was almost tempted to buy one to ride while I was there and then just leave it.

Good to see you in blogosphere, Joe. Looking forward to your writing.


Hank said...

Ride abroad. Nice. English can be so fun.

So is that a cement mixer or a rocket engine?

Pat S said...

Hank, your guess is as good as mine. I kinda like the idea of a Chinese Rocket Bike.