Friday, September 19, 2008


Now that we're doin' this house thing, I guess we need goals.

Geez, I hate goals - they make life so tedious. I wish we could just live life and figure out a way to circumvent them. No luck on that so far. Tonight's "goal" was to get the bikes hung up in their new temporary home. I was so friggin' tired that I just had to crack the whip on myself all night. Brutal. But whatever, it's done.

Sorry about the lame pic. I'm so totally beat. Good night.


Hank said...

Nice rack!

Jacque Hendrix said...

Hey Pat! (I'm back on line - kinda) Do you have plans for that? I'd like to build one.

Pat S said...

Home brew, Jacque. If you need one, we can throw it together, but you have to bring the beer!