Friday, December 26, 2008

The Bastard's Grinding Me Down

Old man winter, that is. And we're only 5 days in! I pretty much feel exactly like John. Nothing in my stable will go through this garbage. I wish they'd plow my street, but with another 2-4 on the way tonight, what would it really matter. All my winter cycling preparation does nothing for me right now - Spokane's true 4 seasons that I love so much also make any kind of legitimate riding pretty much impossible for a few days every year. I wanna be outside. Can't believe I'm actually hoping for frozen rain.

So, it's apparently time for a heap of that "patience is a virtue" krap. Luckily, I scored a couple of things this Christmas that are really gonna help out: Jacque got me a bottle of 12 year-old single malt scotch and Patty got me a just-published coffee table bike book that I had no clue even existed. What a great surprise.

The book is fascinating. The scotch is compelling. The shoveling is incessant. That should get me by for a coupla days.

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