Saturday, December 27, 2008

Screw The Weather. Let's Ride.

After yesterday's warm bath of self pity, I was feeling cleansed and ready for a new day. 2-4+ overnight, as predicted. Couldn't sleep, so I was up early to get the shoveling done. Good thing, too, because I finished just in time to take advantage of this unique, time-sensitive, internet-only offer (click to enlarge):

I arrived at The Shop 15 minutes late, and collapsed just inside the door. I had just ridden about 2 miles, all downhill, at max heart rate. An injection of caffeine brought me back to life.

Joe got called in to work and nobody else showed, so it was just me and John. Fortunately, the roads were in much better shape downtown - still not plowed (didn't see one of those all day), but more packed and less loose.

Parks had done a fine job clearing some paths through Riverfont and we had the playground to ourselves. It felt like the perfect venue for a snow crit.

Good boys who work hard deserve rewards:

We'd been worrying about the return trip up the hill all morning, but in the end, the biggest challenge wasn't the roads, but the massive burritos sitting in our stomachs. We rode Cedar to 14th to Lincoln to home.

I hereby proclaim winter tamed, for this one day at least.


Hank said...

Good deal. Did you try the menudo?

Pat S said...

Negatory. That stuff is reserved for curing hangovers and I don't have one. Yet.

John Speare said...

you're sneaky with that video cam Mr Sprute. I saw you grab your camera a couple times but didn't know you were making movies.

I'm still full.

Jacque Hendrix said...

Wow! What fun. Sorry I missed it. I was on duty at the FD.

Hank said...

Perhaps to prepare for the Saturday morning ride you should try that compelling Scotch Friday night. Better yet, bring it with you.