Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Tonight I got to do a super-casual low-key hang. During which time I was free to hold my new bike for as long as I wanted.

When I was building race cars, my friend Mark had this term "fondling the metal".

Probably sounds all pervish to you but it's where I live. (I know, Level III sex offenders often use that same line, but cut me some slack, I'm a harmless bike fiend.) "Fondling the metal" is simply a term that describes the natural tendencies of a mature and well-adjusted adult who's involved in a long-term relationship with steel.

I don't have the skill to build my own frame, but I do have enough metalworking experience to totally get off on the details of what's coming together.

Probably the best kind of satisfaction is doing it yourself, but just getting a chance to be this closely involved in the process is a pretty close second.

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