Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Save A Little For Yourself

When it comes to saving money, there's a fundamental rule about paying yourself first. Or in other words, when you get your paycheck, chunk some of it away in your savings account before you do anything else. If you only save what's left over after you pay your bills and buy the shit you need/want, you'll never save much.

These past few weeks, the busy-ness in my personal life has bumped up a notch and that same busy-ness has dictated that I spend a lotta time in my truck travelling to the far corners of spo. Obviously, there's not much time left for riding. Or is there?

Maybe the analagous riding principle is that if you only ride when you have the time to spare, you won't ride much. Maybe I'm all goofed up and instead of feeling like I should ride after I'm done being responsible, I should be feeling that I'm responsible to myself to ride and that I need to work the other parts of my life around that. Probably, the answer lies somewhere in the middle.

But since it's my birthday tomorrow, I've decided that my present to myself is to test the concept by taking it to the extreme. Which means that my priority will be getting where I need to go by bike and that all my other responsibilies will have to work around that or else they can kiss my ass. Their choice.

I was originally thinking that the bus was fair game to help me make this happen, but then as my mind revved up and spun the details, I realized that there were other ways to make it happen and that the experience would be way more pure if I would just man up and go it alone. So screw the bus. (Just for this one day, though.)

If I sleep in and ditch the plan, I'm gonna havta fess up and write the most humiliating post of my life. But if I make it our the door, it could be a pretty good birthday adventure. Maybe I'll even do some mobile posts or something.


Hank said...

Happy Birthday, Pat!

Good luck and have fun today. It looks like the weather is on your side.

Alan said...

3 Things:
1) Happy Birthday
2) Glad you're manning up.
3) I thought I was at the wrong blog because there were two posts in a row that had absolutely nothing to do with building bike racks. Crazy.