Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Race, Race, RACE! (race, race.) race

Road racing season is no longer just around the corner, it's here, man. All across the country, various clubs are taking their turns at hosting races, and that's why/how the sport lives at the amateur and recreational levels.

When it's your clubs turn, it's game-on. There's a bunch of pre-planning, but then gobs of people step up and synergize to cover all the details and duties in the week leading up to and on race day.

Last week it was their turn and by all accounts, they nailed it. This week it's ours, and I hope we do as well. Even though it's a new course, or maybe because of it, we're pouring over the details, so I think we'll do just fine.

First priority for any race is keeping everyone safe and a close second is making it fun as hell.

Hope to cya out there.

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Mike Sirott said...

Sweet signs Pat! There will be no veering off course. I tried taking a few pics of the race stuff in the trailer but they didn't turn out well. Too dark.