Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dodging Authorities; Killer Home Delivery

Like a crazy illegal business that stays just one step ahead of the law, my shop (Patty still calls it a ""garage"") was transformed last night into a one-man sign-making sweatshop. Saw buzz and all kinds of other frenzy rolled into the little hours of today.

The end result was a dozen sandwich board signs for the upcoming race.

Badass zip ties. The whole idea of zip ties instead of hinges came from Gino of Round and Round fame. Bike event planning's foremost been-there-done-that guy, so who were we to argue. (Yeah, yeah, I'll cut the tails off. Don't get your shorts all in a bunch.)

Tonight, Mike came by and picked up the signs and there is zero evidence that anything every happened in my shop. (I mean garage.) I feel all stealthy.

In the meantime, a package that I was waiting for and actively tracking got delivered today and when the package comes from this place it means that your day is automatically special.

I scored a vest that is on killer sale. Vests are the most effective and under-rated garment ever. The clothing equivalent of comfort food. I'm wearing it now. And my new wool beanie, but I love the vest more. But I'm wearing them both to bed. Life is spectacular.


mike said...

ahh, a good package from a little company from my little state. life is good.

you gonna weight those sandwich signs down? i hate it when my sandwich blows away.

but then you'll be needing some sort of bottom for those things.

and - if you are clever with the end of those zip ties before you snip em, you could attach one to another so you had a handle for dragging those things around....

Pat S said...

Mike, they're made out of 1/2" plywood so they're fairly chunky. I'm hoping wind won't be a problem, we shall see.

As far as handles go, I'm thinking I'll just leave the cable tie loops big enough that you can slip a finger in.

Mike Sirott said...

Just saw this post...lookin good Pat. River Ridge Hardware talked me out of going cheap with the paint. Yeah, I figured we'd already invested so much time and money into these that we might as well do it right. You'll be happy to know that all the wood has been throughly soaked with a coat of urethane primer. If I had to do it again I think I'd look into rigging up a sprayer or something. Maybe I will for the final coat. The question now is, what color? SRV Orange? OSHA Yellow? White?

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