Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's June. No, Really.

I need to get in shape for a certain ride that's coming up and well, I've pissed away all the days that are optional. It's essential that I ride every day from here on out, yay.

If I end up drowning, you're welcome to come to my funeral and say something nice about me, even if you know in your heart it's not true.


Hank said...

Snorkeling gear and bike helmets don't work together at all. You'll have to choose.

Alan said...

This "certain ride" you mention... it wouldn't happen to a long one that also requires good lights, does it?

Bill Foss said...

I think I am finally going to break down and buy some fenders.

Pat S said...

Hank. By applying some twisted logic to your comment I've deduced that it may be safer for me to ride without a helmet.

Alan. Not that certain ride. Another certain ride that's coming up way sooner. But I'd certainly like to give the certain ride to which you refer another try this year.

Bill. Can't believe you've held out this long. Although fenders were totally useless today. Water was coming from every direction, there was no escape.