Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Negotiating With Myself

Tonight began the arduous task of sorting out the equipment I will take along on the camping trip. Some of the experienced guys have it way dialed in, but I have to go through massive gyrations and weight really matters on this one, so it's that much more dramatic. All the necessities will emerge out of this pile:

I don't even really care what I eat as long is it packs the calories I need. But there are two luxury items I would love the company of:

Slip your dogs outta bike shoes and into comf sandals after a day of climbing? Oh betty. Not much weight penalty, either. But two each excellent beers at the end of two each excellent days is a bigger hit. 3+ lbs, holy hell. That blows. But damn, it would be most excellent.

There's no way I can go into this thing overloaded and expect to survive. So if I wanna take any of the luxury stuff, I have to trade for stuff that might potentially keep me alive.

One each beer for two each nights. Two each beers for one night and zero each beers for the other. Zero each beers for two each dry nights. Hmmmm.

First aid kit? Really necessary?? Let's evolve. That's why we have Medstar.

And what's with the whole map deal? Paper is heavy and how lost can you really get? (Don't answer that.)

I think you can glimpse the issues I am wrestlng with. Some agonizing decisions will have to be made. Before you complain about your own problems, try walking a mile in my shimano's.


Joe said...

Bring more potent liquor. It's lighter and packs the same punch.

Bladders from boxes of wine or liquor in a flask.

Besides, you'll quickly drink through your entire tours worth of beer once you realize how heavy it is. So, it'd be just one six beer night.

FBC Spokane said...

Too bad you added all those heavy spokes. Cut your bars down. Take the big ring off the front. Hell, take some links out of your chain. Drill holes in stuff. THOSE BEERS MUST GO WITH YOU!!!

Mike Sirott said...

Have a great trip!