Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Elephant In The Room

I work with a guy, Kurt. When you give him the standard "How's it going?", what you always get back is, "Best Day Ever". If he really means it, that's cooler than shit, because he's got it dialed in and figured out. Even if he doesn't mean it, it's still a cooler than shit trademark response.

For me, though, I could never pull something like that off. Some days just suck bigger than hell.

But today wasn't one of those. Today was genuinely glass half full. Maybe three quarters. See, I picked up my new bike.

Glen says that for the next few days, I'm supposed to ride it naked.

WHOA! Don't get the wrong idea. I get way more freaked than you at that visual. What he means is that I'm not supposed to hang a bunch of racks off of it for a while. I can't understand why he thinks it's necessary to make that point. Whatever. Fine. I'll ride with a fanny pack then. Almost a scarier picture than naked, isn't it?

So as with all new bikes, I wait for Patty to go to bed and then I drag it into the living room to be with it.

Tomorrow we ride, all healthy and normal-like. Tonight is creepy sleepover stuff.


Jason Gilman said...

Congratulations Pat! Is that a coupler I see on the top tube? You're going to be travelling in style now! I like the fork-like seat stay action too. Does it ride as swell as it looks?

Pat S said...

Yep Jason, it has S&S couplers. I'm not sure why, mostly because I wanted them. I'm going on the theory that they will come in handy at some point.

Ride report forthcoming.

Alan said...

Very cool, Pat! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Happy,new,Washington made-- Elephant bike!