Thursday, June 3, 2010

Your Typical Race Planning Meeting

You may have heard that Spokane is hosting the elite state championship road race in a coupla weeks. Tonight was another of the many pre-race meetings. That's Alan at the top of the picture and Mike at the bottom.

The details are kind of endless. With just over two weeks til race day, it's feeling more and more like crunch time. One moment I'm feeling like things are well in hand and the next I'm having a panic attack.

I wonder why I want to swim in the pressure cooker and I guess it's because I'm proud to be part this craziness that will ultimately lead to a great day of racing, with the number of dramatic personal stories exactly equal to the number of riders showing up to spill their guts all over the roads south of town, all because they love, and I mean LOVE, to ride their bikes as fast as they possibly can.

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Mike Sirott said...

What a great course, but damn that extension loop!