Saturday, October 16, 2010

Button Heads

When I first brought my new Elephant home from Glen's, all the eyelets were stuffed with button head screws (BHS). At first, I was like WTF. These screws are wimpy as hell and besides, the entire bike and bike accessory industry revolves around the socket head cap screws (SHCS). Don't change me, man. The SHCS takes a 4mm hex, but the BHS takes a 3?? So that messes with your head a bit. Especially if you have a mix of BHS's and SHCS's on your bike, 'cause now you need 2 wrenches. But then over the next coupla days your head gets around the sense of BHS's and then you see a flash of light and the next thing you know, you gotta have 'em in your life.

BHS to the left, SHCS to the right . . .

Part of the mental process of accepting BHS's is letting go of industrial. It sounds easy, but it's hard. Just take a deep breath and walk with me . . . crazy talk, I hear ya, but maybe, just maybe, there's some room in your world for aesthetics. I just want you to think about how these pics are easy on the eyes with BHS's and then imagine how gross they might get with big ol' SHCS bulbs popping up in your face.

I can tell by the look on your face that you get it. Even if you don't, just nod. We need to move on.

I can't feel this way about a piece of hardware and not do something about it, so I placed an order for a batch of the stainless steel versions of a coupla different lengths that I thought would come in handy over the next 75 or so years, along with a coupla other items that I now never ever havta worry about running out of. The order hit my front porch yesterday.

I thought it was a very exciting moment. Patty issued a nerd alert.


Alan said...

Yes, the nerd alert has been raised to "orange," or, in nerd-speak: coral.

Pat S said...

Coral. Hellya. Feels like a nerd badge of honor almost. I'm all warm inside.

Highest level would be chartreuse, then, right? Hope we don't have to go there.

andrew said...

nerd alert: mauve

i still greatly prefer SHCS with 4mm hex.

Scott Loveless said...

That last photo, with all the screws, set some lust in motion.