Sunday, October 3, 2010

Things You Don't See Everyday

I came upon a grizzly near GU on the CT this morning. I could bearly believe my eyes.

Hell ya, it was real.

Was too.

Was too.

Look, I said it was real, not alive.

The guy standing in the trail wanted to know if he could take my picture. "What fur?", I asked.

Turns out he works for the Forest Service. He hauled his stuffed griz out to the CT today to shoot some photos for an instructional video they're making. The subject? What to do if you run across a bear on a bike/ped path. Of course.

He had me and another stranger on a bike pose - you're supposed to stop, get off your bike and stand with your bike between you and the bear. (While the bear decides how hungry he is. Not really. Made that part up.) He was also getting shots with runners and walkers. Needless to say, when the video comes out, I'll be super famous.

On the way back into town later in the afternoon, I noticed a hole in the bike-ped "wall" in the U-district.

This is obviously a limited-time offer and involves trespassing. You know I would never, ever, ever trespass on railroad property, and luckily, the long, slow-moving train helped sustain this conviction.

Finally, we've had some killer sunsets lately, but tonight's was over the top. Holy hell, the sky was on fire. This was the best I could do riding down 29th, swerving wildly out into the center turn lane to get a view, at dusk, with my iphone cam.

Needless to say, you had to be there. Hope you were.

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