Monday, October 4, 2010

Can't Quit Screwing With It

It's coming along, but how am I supposed to carry anything on those dopey crossbars?


I feel better now.


Alan said...

Plus, it's now given you extra fender protection. Too bad you cut those weight-saving holes in it. What did that save you, 10 grams? :-)

FBC Spokane said...

Can you still hang a bag on it?

Anonymous said...

Liking the look with the cutouts. Sweet.

Pat S said...

Alan, as I was drilling them I was talking to myself. "Dude, you're gonna get wet."

FBC, a 6-pack yes. Bags, no.

Thanks anon.

Not said...

Unfortunately, I assume you can no longer ride by a construction site without the construction workers leering, whistling, and yelling, "Hey, nice rack!"
- Ventura

Anonymous said...

Great idea Pat. I can see the holes are not for weight saving, as to the casual observer they may seem, but as a great drink holder.