Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What Evil Lurks In The Hearts Of Men

What you're looking at is a makeshift hanger rod that I made out of a defunct push-broom handle and some baling wire in a basement storage room at work that I use for hanging my clothes when I commute. See the yellow thing on the end? It's a nylon mesh bag that I take to the shower with me - it holds things like soap and hair gel and a comb. And of course, deodorant. I always keep a new, spare deodorant stick in there, so that when one finally runs out, I'm ready with another. Yesterday morning both sticks were in the bag. Today, the new one was gone.

Yep, sometime over the last 24 hours, someone stole my deodorant.

I must have looked in the empty bag ten times just to make sure it really wasn't in there, as I stalled to give my mind time to wrap itself around the concept of a deodorant thief. First the lilac heist and now this. The whole world has gone totally mad.


Arnado said...

Perhaps there was a bomb to defuse and MacGyver only had a clothespin and some waxed paper.

glen said...

Umm...hair gel?

Rachel said...

Ok, that's way mire gross than someone stealing my helmet on Monday.

Thieves are odd, illogical people.

Pat S said...

Arnado, It does help to imagine that the stick was sacrificed to help save civilization as we know it.

Glen, they invented it back in the 80's I think. I can loan you some if you wanna try it out.

Rachel, to 'odd' and 'illogical' I would add 'twisted' and 'nutjob'. Sorry about your helmet.