Sunday, July 13, 2008

Corsa della Luna Mezza Preview

There's a Twilight Series criterium coming up this week that I'm really excited about. Baddlands has done a great job of putting it together and it's shaping up to be a super fun event, whether you're a racer or spectator. Here's the race flyer.

I've been mostly MIA on the SRV ride scene this year, so it was fun to join the guys on a preview ride of the course this morning.

For the most part, the course in on fresh pavement in a portion of a new housing development where there are no houses yet. This is the right turn from the half moon onto Indiana. As you would guess, the pavement is very smooth and fast.

This is the entrance to the roundabout. It's narrows up there, so it's gonna be really tight, fast and white knuckle.

The semi-hairpin left turn onto the half moon is wide and fast - it'll be a blast. Can't believe I didn't get a picture, but here's the half moon just after the turn, as you're headed to the start/finish.

To the untrained eye, it might look like there is a lot of BS'ing going on here, especially considering who's right in the middle of it. Let me assure you that the sole topic of conversation was race strategy. Right. ;-)

Can't wait. This race is gonna be a way fun.


Mike S said...

I can't wait to race it on Tuesday. I am interested to see how the course looks in relation to the planned houses. Is there any chance we'd be able to use this course after the inevitable sprawling Spokane Valley development takes back what were are graciously borrowing?

Pat S said...

Only someone with firsthand experience with the amount of work involved in designing and permitting a course would be asking these questions. ;-)

My guess is that there will be a number of houses lining the course by this time next year. I can't imagine that a new homeowner would be excited about limited access to his house during a race, even if only for a short period of time.

On the other hand, if the community of homeonwers decides that a bike race in their community once a year is a worthwhile and beneficial community event, I could see the development association getting behind it and making it happen.

It will be interesting to talk to the Baddlands guys and find out what has been discussed.