Monday, July 14, 2008

THANK YOU! From the Bottom of Our Hearts!

I'll start off with this: Jacque stopped by the Wild Sage today. Everybody was all smiles as she walked through the door. The immediate question they had for her was, "any guess?" She knew what they were talking about. "Five thousand?", was her reply.

The grins got bigger and without a word, they held up nine fingers.

Ninety-two-hundred-dollars! And counting!!!

I'm sleep deprived and emotionally fried. I have a bunch more pictures and words and people to specifically thank, but not tonight. I just have this thought . . .

The dollar amount is really important right now, because bills and debt are scary and real, and the people that took care of her need to be taken care of. We are so incredibly thankful for their compassion and care.

We are also so incredibly grateful for your contribution.

But this event, this movement, is not just about money, it's a testament to communtity and friends and love. And if you don't feel good enough about what you've done already, you need to know that you've made a profound impact on her life and that whatever you've given her will be multiplied many times and passed on. Bold talk, but I just know that it's true.

Jacque and her grandpa. Totally real.

We sincerely mean it when we say "thanks".

Pat & Patty

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