Friday, July 25, 2008

Crazy John

Not that Crazy John, this Crazy John:

I work with him and he rides, so we talk about bike stuff a lot. I went with him at lunch today to pick up his new tri bike at Fitness Fanatics. Like a couple thousand other lunatics, John has decided that the Cd'A Ironman sounds like a super happy fun time, and so he's going to attempt it for the first time next year at the age of 60. I've tried talking sense to him, but he's totally irrational.

If you're out riding this weekend and you see John coming down a hill behind you and he's down in his aero bars, I would advise you to pull over and take cover, because I can't possibly see how he could have any kind of control.

Anyway, enjoy your new bike, John. It looks like it goes real fast.

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Turina said...


Congrats on your decision to go for Ironman. Just signing up puts you in a league that only few can claim to identify with.

I saw that incredible bike on your car last week. It looks really fast...let's just hope the seat is comfy.

We are all looking foward to your regular blogs about your IM training. As an Ironman, I know how hard it can get, and how it can strip you down to nothing before it builds you into the strong and confident contender you'll be on race day 2009!

Never forget the reason you started this journey, and always remember the IM slogan.....
"Anything is Possible"...