Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lemons & Lemonade

I'm way behind at work, so I had to go in today. Lemons.

Since no one was gonna be there, I didn't have to worry about being a sweaty mess, so I was able to ride there and back. (Including a couple of detours.) Lemonade.

On the way there, I was sorry to see that a fire had blackened the wooded area above the switchbacks just off the Ben Burr trail at Pittsburgh.

As we all know, Sundays are for constuction riding, and I had to check up on Wellesley, between Evergreen and Sullivan. Pleasant construction riding, although a bit hard to hold your camera steady through the chuck holes.
Detour? Afraid NOT.

As I was crossing Trent on Flora, I noticed a bunch of emergency vehicles on Trent, to the west. Thought I bettter ride down the railroad right-of-way and check it out. (Get to work or check out the wreck? Procrastination rules again.)

Several cars were involved, but this guy appears to be the biggest loser. Sorry dude, hope you're alright. Serious lemons.

Naturally, my rubbernecking excursion resulted in further delay. More welcome (out of my control) procrastination.
At work, finally. Oy, the drudgery! Lemons.
Since I was already out in the valley anyway, the return trip home provided the opportunity for a detour through some construction zones that I hadn't had a chance to ride yet. Lemondade.

First, the Barker Bridge.

Please. Nice try.

Then, Appleway, between Sprague and Broadway.

Baby's-bottom compacted gravel surface on my way east (in the westbound lanes). Yes, I had the road to myself.

And here's the new bike-ped trail on the south side of Appleway. It's a little over a mile long. Sweet, new, smooth blacktop.

I ran into another unexpected construction zone on Flora, just south of I-90, but trust me. It was nothing to rave about.

When I got home, I found this flyer:
Dominick and Alex live down the street and ride by our house all the time. They are two of the cutest kids you will ever meet. Apparently, they had their bikes stolen by some low-life. Lemonny Lemons.

If you didn't happen to notice, there's a $$$$$REWARD$$$$$.

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