Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fueling Up With Premium

If you wanna be able to ride like your hair's on fire, you'd better be willing to splurge on some octane. Internal combustion engines run better on the good stuff, and that applies especially to the human body. The last thing you wanna hear in the middle of a ride is a bunch of pinging and knocking coming from your nether regions.

Don't get the idea that I'm food-holy. I've crammed a bunch of Big Macs into my pie hole. But Patty and I have put a lot of effort into eating healthier, especially over the last couple of years, and the one thing that's clear to us is that a diet centered around fruit and vegetables is where it's at. And we all have to start thinking local. Your views may vary, but we're fully convinced.

So anyway, we were pretty jacked about our first Fresh Abundance delivery on Friday. There's way better information at their website, so go there. But in layman's terms, FA is all about local, organic food. They have walk-in stores, but they also have this rad program whereby they put together a "produce box" and deliver it to your house. Every week, or every other week, or on-demand . . . your choice. We knew about FA, but never jumped. What took us so long I will never know. Here's the cornucopia that landed on our front porch:

Carrots, cauliflower, bananas, squash, onions, nectarines, strawberries, peaches, lettuce, tangerines, beans, snap peas cherries . . . all in the perfect (anti-Costco) sized portions.

I'm dating myself, but when I was growing up, I'd visit my sister Mary in Moscow and we'd go to the local drugstore and get 'grab bags' during "Moscow Days". It was the highest form of adventure. You'd pay 10 or 50 cents and get this brown paper bag and it was usually stuff they wanted to get rid of, but sometimes, you'd score.

The FA produce box is like a grab bag where you score every time.

Your piston-like legs could use a dose of fuel injection.

And with that, I'll mercifully conclude the gas engine metaphors.

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John Speare said...

we LOVE FA. LOVE IT. We don't do the delivery, but we go there daily. We used to do weekly/every-other-week shopping at S1 or Rosauers or Hucks, but now we just go to FA every day and get what ever is fresh and figure out dinner from that.

We live about 4 blocks from the scoop/FA. The addition of these two places in the last year or so has improved our quality of life by a huge amount.