Friday, July 11, 2008

Fridays are the Best

I'm running on the ragged edge. My batteries are low and I need some re-charging. I got re-charged tonight.

Jacque ("Jackie") was gonna come over last night, so that we could get her bike back in shape and I wanted to stop by Fresh Abundance! with her, which she knows all about, but which has only been on my radar. Things got nuts at work so we put it off 'til today.

Weird that over the last 24 hours, Jacque ("Jack") has been in touch with a donation for Jacque's ("Jackie's") fundraiser. Things have gotten downright personal. They're on 25th. We're on 25th. We (Pat, Patty & "Jackie") rode down there tonight without turning :-) Now we know, amazing stuff going on at FA. (There's also some truly amazing other stuff going on that's making all this happen, but not to get too heavy.)

After the FA visit, Patty had to head off to another obligation and so the Jax and I had some Norman Rockwellesque father-daughter bike-maintenance-time, that we never get anymore, in the driveway. It was sweet.

The bike was a little raggedy and now it's not. She's so back in her tuned-up saddle and ready to roll. Safe travels, Jacque!

And then, after she left, a dream come ture . . . some Tour time.

If only every day could be Friday.

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