Friday, August 29, 2014

In Transit

When you're waiting for something you've ordered, like seriously waiting, nothing makes your day like a ship confirmation.

A made day, then.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hangin' In

Life has changed, as it does, and the days when there was a little time at the end to be carefree and goofy seem a million miles away. In the active days, this blog was my social media (sans FB, which I am still stubbornly shunning), and there are some fun memories that somehow make me want to keep it on life support.  So just deal with it.  Maybe life could change again and this would somehow be a semi-regular place for me to hang out and say hey and bore you to death.  But not at the moment, so count your blessings.

Nothing about my life is super bike awesome these days, but Patty and I did manage to get away a bit this summer and there were some bikes mixed in, 'cause bikes are just fun.  People are the best, though.  Food is good, also.

Patty's fam.  God bless Catholics and their ban on birth control.

Daughter Jacque and BF Nate, white-knuckling it.

Do this about 17 times and you can almost feed Patty's family.  One meal.

Yep.  Hell yep.  Southwest Middle Northern Fork of the Flathead.

Modern camera self-timer technology made this awesome shot possible.

I could have ridden straight up the chairline, if I'd had the proper bike at my disposal.  Say, for instance, a Bucksaw.

The Speare Compound, on the Kettle.

He hates is there.

The Eberlizer.  Obviously.

. . . and Patrick!

Keepin' it fresh.  Best to use pine scent, when in the woods.  Context is here, 4th pic down

Ferry County fun.

Smokiest summer I can remember.

Best of the bunch.